The Darkness Beyond

New Beginning

Every Saga has a Beginning

The first day of Spring dawns bright and clear over the city Mostar, as every other day with the first light the guard changed on the keep and walls of the city and the gates were opened. In the yard of the Crown & Anchor, the best Guesthouse in the city, a small caravan prepares to be the first to make the journey west to Stolac at the end of a long, bitter winter. The regular group of guards employed by the master of the caravan are loading supplies and luggage, while leaning against the wall watching their fellows struggle stands a group of adventurers that have been employed especially for this journey, checking and preparing their equipment before they depart.

  • jumanjoe’s penchant for calling everyone cracker or honkey
  • wagonmaster (El Douchington) all secretive and worried
  • arent allowed near 1st caravan which contains mysterious passenger
  • have to go long way cause bridge is out on the main road
  • stop in a deserted town, looks as though they ran out of food and left for bigger settlement
  • attacked by wolves overnight
  • joe jumping out of the window and landing prone at the feet of a wolf (extra damage against prone enemies) then asserting “you cant stop me from doing stupid things, because no one can threaten to withhold healing cause im the leader muahahahahhah”
  • ambushed by goblins, minor cock up allows goblins to steal caravan 1, including mysterious passenger
  • have captured 1 goblin, now about to survey damage from ambush (looks as though all other guards are dead)



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