The Darkness Beyond

Round 2 - Fight!

  • found wagonmaster El Douchington alive but unconscious
  • after reviving him, we found out that princess natanya of the Kilkish was the mysterious passenger on the caravan captured by the goblins
  • after a long chase the WuTang Clan found the goblin cave
  • flawless victory! goblin guards and guard drake dispatched without anyone taking a hit…
  • genocide cave – wholesale slaughter of minions, especially by the Goliath with his spirit nuking.
  • in genocide cave, cleric trying and failing – twice – to punch a female goblin
  • jumanji suceeding where his brother failed (Australia says no Ziff)
  • Agran’s obsession with horse steak
  • managing to stop several goblin warriors trying to warn laska the witch
  • goblin captive informing us that the princess was taken to laska’s chamber for sacrifice
  • hearing chanting from the witch’s chamber, the WuTang Clan rushed into the room to find the goblins preparing princess natanya for sacrifice.
  • apparently today was “everyone try to kill a cleric” day, and the goblins very nearly succeeded (with the help of some ridiculous damage rolls)
  • after killing the witch, the party was moping up the remaining goblin warriors when a monstrous death jump spider entered the chamber ready to accept the princess as sacrifice
  • Agran managed to free the princess from her bonds while the rest of the party corralled the spider, before he slipped in a delivered the killing blow



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