The Darkness Beyond

Session 3

  • Found body of stolaski dudemiester in spider cave
  • Natanya was supposed to marry oldest stolaski son, Julius
  • jumanjoe professes his love for male panthers
  • found horses being held in another room in goblin cave, Ambushed guards and quick slaughter ensued. Only pissed off one horse by shooting it… Horse calms down after jumanjoe gives it “good touch”
  • apparently Agran didn’t have the trap covered…
  • back at the wagon, El Douchington has organised workers to clear the path and get the caravans moving
  • when talking to El Douchington about the attack he lied to us about why he took the mountain route… Sketchy dude
  • stop in town half day ride from Stolac. Pretending Natanya is a member of the WuTang Clan named ‘Nighthawk’
  • Agran finds out the youngest stolaski son, Augustus, has beenissing in the hills for a week. Guards have been out searching for him, but so far their efforts have been in vain
  • in pub El Douchington seemed distant and emo, and quickly removes a pouch from the table when Vespa arrives. El Douchington mentions, after a couple of tankards of beer, that the duke, Alexander Stolaski, is unlikely to forgive him for disobeying a direct order, but wont say wht that order was and wont tell us who infromed him taht the bridge would be out and hence we should travel throught the mountains
  • Vespa gets El Douchington loaded with booze so that Agran can lift his pouch, but found it only contained gems (pay off maybe?)



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