The Darkness Beyond

Session 4

  • WuTang Clan brought Princess Natanya safely into town
  • got put up in schmoofty hotel, even though the concierge didn’t like “our type”
  • told Advisor that came to thanks/pay us for our exceptional work that we wanted to speak to the Duke
  • Advisor organised a meeting when we produced Augustus Stolaski’s armour and sword
  • Duke expressed thanks for our recovery of the sword and safe transport of Princess Natanya and asked for directions to the goblin lair send his soldiers to recover his son’s body
  • talked about the possibility of more work for the WuTang Clan and gave us some mad cash
  • DM actually let us spend mad cash. Wow.
  • Advisor came to see us again offering us work committing goblincide including an almost suspiciously good retainer – are they trying to get us out of the city before the wedding?
  • suspicion again piqued by interesting troop and messenger movements, but the WuTang Clan is nothing if not mercenary so we took the job
  • WuTang Clan embarked on the Great Wild Goblin Chase
  • no immediate sign of goblin issues, reinforced by farmer saying that they didn’t have a big problem in the area.
  • delving deeper into the woods, found goblins picking over a wagon but on seeing us they ran
  • wagon contained metal from mines and had been attacked by a bear (?)
  • followed the goblins and just managed to avoid ambush at their campsite
  • coped a hammering from sneaky hidey ranged goblins. Fuckers.
  • began the scalping game



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