The Darkness Beyond

Session 5

Continued Wild Goblin Chase

  • WuTang Clan continued wild goblin chase
  • found mining camp hiding like economic girlymen from cave bear
  • “graciously” offered to help rid them of the bear problem, only to find that the bear had found us anyway
  • girlyman defender kill-stealing with a crossbow bolt from behind the barricades
  • allegedly news our help in slaying the bear will reach the Duke’s ears
  • found that goblins coming up through the mines had caused mines to the north to be abandoned and began to head towards that area
  • decided to take go off-road towards the mines instead of along the round to minimise the chance of ambush and ended up stumbling into goblin campsite and wrecking up the place
  • found the ruins of the old mining camp over run with goblins, but decide to rest before launching an assault
  • noticed while resting that the goblins were sending out regular patrols – unusually organised for green skins.



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