The Darkness Beyond

Session 6 - goblin town

Attacking the mining camp overrun by goblins

  • plan alpha’d the shit out of the overrun mining town, slaughtering the goblin defenders
  • skullcleaver went down faster than $2 hooker, followed by the majority of his backblade minions without any of them landing a sneak attack…
  • managed to stop fleeing warriors from escaping down into mines
  • agran piling corpses of slain goblins on spears in middle of mining camp
  • ventured down mine, only to be ambushed by goblins because of our sunrod
  • in trouble against skull cleavers, but brutal barrage of daggers blinded and killed half the remaining goblins, tipping the tide of battle in the WuTang Clan’s favour
  • after finishing the ambushers, agran makes another – albeit this time not as impressive – corpse ziggurat
  • continue heading predominately downward through the mines of Moria oh wait wrong campaign
  • after long hike finding nothing we decide to return to goblin pyramid and turn down the corridor the last goblin had tried to flee down
  • graham gets dunce cap for not adding agran’s strength modifier to sneak attack for last 2 levels – what a muppet.
  • stumble upon bickering goblins and enacted plan alpha
  • Vespa living dangerously by inflicting significant structural damage on the tunnel’s support struts with his hornet swarms
  • With only two goblins remaining, one tried (and failed) to cover the others escape so that he could warn ‘grimace’, however they had left their run too late and WuTang Clan easily dispatched them (gratuitous use of action point to kill-steal notwithstanding)
  • Total Goblin scalps collected to date: 32



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