The Darkness Beyond

Session 7 - The Mines

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Following the defeat of the ambush and the bittering goblins, the WuTang Clan travelled further into the mine searching for Grimace and the goblin hideout.
  • When faced with crossroads the group decided to venture deeper into the mine rather than directly towards where they thought the hideout lay.
  • This led them to searching the deeper mine corridors.
  • The lower mine corridors were empty of goblins though the rich iron seams had attracted a family of rust monsters
  • Similarly the rich metally armour of the the cleric attracted the rust monsters
  • Agran was happy to stay and fight as he wore leather, had a number of sacrificial daggers and had heard that Rust Monsters were full of precious residuum.
  • For some reason the cleric decided to stay and fight, which suited Agran fine.
  • The rust monsters ate 6 of Agran’s Daggers! Oh and the clerics armour, mace, dignity, and steely resolve (That’ll teach him to have a steel resolve, instead of a flexible leathery resolve like Agran) and now he is whining about going back to town to find armour…..
  • After defeating the rust monster, and despite the protests of Jumajoe the party continued towards the goblin hideout.
  • Another side corridor presented the opportunity to perhaps find a back way in, Agran declared he “prefferred to confront his enemies from behind, from hiding, preferrably with them unarmed”
  • The corridor was free of goblins, at least those that were alive.
  • Rather it was infested with vermin and shadow bats, whose last meal seemed to be some goblin skull cleavers
  • This meant that the corridor may lead to the hideout and a side entrance which suited Agran
  • Scalps were taken, nothing written in the WuTangs verbal contract about killing the goblins just taking there scalps. At least that is how Agran remembers it.
  • The party is taking a short rest before deciding between assaulting the fort or going to find armour for the cleric
  • How many “random encounters” do you think we’ll find on the way back to town?! in the

Goblin Scalps: 34



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