Half Orc – Brawny Rogue

Str 18/+4 Con 12/+1 Dex 18/ +4 IntI 8/-1 Wis 10/0 Cha 12/+1

HP: 24 (+12 con) Surges 7 AC: 16 (+4 dex +2 leather) Fort 14 (+4 str) Ref 16 (+4 dex +2 class) Will 11 (+1 cha) Init: +6 (+4 dex +2 feat) Speed: 6 (8 charging) Alignment: Neutral

Feat: Quick Draw; 2-Backstabber Skill: Stealth 9; Thievery 9; Acrobatics 9; Athletics 9; Streetwise 6; Intimidate 8; Endurance 3

At-will: Deft Strike; Riposte Strike Encounter: R-Furious Assault; 1-Torturous Strike; 2-Tumble; 3-Blade Vault Daily: 1-Blinding Barrage

Equip: Shortsword; Daggers (5); Shuriken (30); Leather Armour; Thieves Tools; Climbers Kit; Adventurers Kit; Sunrods (2). Gold: 15gp.


Agran: soldier; scoundrel; deserter; rapscallion and now unrepentant mercenary.

A soldiers life was too full of taking orders, observing discipline, and bowing to brass tops, and sadly lacking in gold. Agran was not menat to be a soldier. Though the manner and timing of his exit may mean a sergeant or two, and perhaps a brass top as well, will be looking to instill a painful lesson in duty.

Adventurers tales of gold and battles, wet conversations snatched in taverns when Agran had stolen away from the picket lines have drawn him to a new world. Where his skills as a soldier and scout will reward him duly. A freedom fighter, liberating gold wherever it is imprisoned!


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