The Darkness Beyond

Session 7 - The Mines
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Following the defeat of the ambush and the bittering goblins, the WuTang Clan travelled further into the mine searching for Grimace and the goblin hideout.
  • When faced with crossroads the group decided to venture deeper into the mine rather than directly towards where they thought the hideout lay.
  • This led them to searching the deeper mine corridors.
  • The lower mine corridors were empty of goblins though the rich iron seams had attracted a family of rust monsters
  • Similarly the rich metally armour of the the cleric attracted the rust monsters
  • Agran was happy to stay and fight as he wore leather, had a number of sacrificial daggers and had heard that Rust Monsters were full of precious residuum.
  • For some reason the cleric decided to stay and fight, which suited Agran fine.
  • The rust monsters ate 6 of Agran’s Daggers! Oh and the clerics armour, mace, dignity, and steely resolve (That’ll teach him to have a steel resolve, instead of a flexible leathery resolve like Agran) and now he is whining about going back to town to find armour…..
  • After defeating the rust monster, and despite the protests of Jumajoe the party continued towards the goblin hideout.
  • Another side corridor presented the opportunity to perhaps find a back way in, Agran declared he “prefferred to confront his enemies from behind, from hiding, preferrably with them unarmed”
  • The corridor was free of goblins, at least those that were alive.
  • Rather it was infested with vermin and shadow bats, whose last meal seemed to be some goblin skull cleavers
  • This meant that the corridor may lead to the hideout and a side entrance which suited Agran
  • Scalps were taken, nothing written in the WuTangs verbal contract about killing the goblins just taking there scalps. At least that is how Agran remembers it.
  • The party is taking a short rest before deciding between assaulting the fort or going to find armour for the cleric
  • How many “random encounters” do you think we’ll find on the way back to town?! in the

Goblin Scalps: 34

Session 6 - goblin town
Attacking the mining camp overrun by goblins
  • plan alpha’d the shit out of the overrun mining town, slaughtering the goblin defenders
  • skullcleaver went down faster than $2 hooker, followed by the majority of his backblade minions without any of them landing a sneak attack…
  • managed to stop fleeing warriors from escaping down into mines
  • agran piling corpses of slain goblins on spears in middle of mining camp
  • ventured down mine, only to be ambushed by goblins because of our sunrod
  • in trouble against skull cleavers, but brutal barrage of daggers blinded and killed half the remaining goblins, tipping the tide of battle in the WuTang Clan’s favour
  • after finishing the ambushers, agran makes another – albeit this time not as impressive – corpse ziggurat
  • continue heading predominately downward through the mines of Moria oh wait wrong campaign
  • after long hike finding nothing we decide to return to goblin pyramid and turn down the corridor the last goblin had tried to flee down
  • graham gets dunce cap for not adding agran’s strength modifier to sneak attack for last 2 levels – what a muppet.
  • stumble upon bickering goblins and enacted plan alpha
  • Vespa living dangerously by inflicting significant structural damage on the tunnel’s support struts with his hornet swarms
  • With only two goblins remaining, one tried (and failed) to cover the others escape so that he could warn ‘grimace’, however they had left their run too late and WuTang Clan easily dispatched them (gratuitous use of action point to kill-steal notwithstanding)
  • Total Goblin scalps collected to date: 32
Session 5
Continued Wild Goblin Chase
  • WuTang Clan continued wild goblin chase
  • found mining camp hiding like economic girlymen from cave bear
  • “graciously” offered to help rid them of the bear problem, only to find that the bear had found us anyway
  • girlyman defender kill-stealing with a crossbow bolt from behind the barricades
  • allegedly news our help in slaying the bear will reach the Duke’s ears
  • found that goblins coming up through the mines had caused mines to the north to be abandoned and began to head towards that area
  • decided to take go off-road towards the mines instead of along the round to minimise the chance of ambush and ended up stumbling into goblin campsite and wrecking up the place
  • found the ruins of the old mining camp over run with goblins, but decide to rest before launching an assault
  • noticed while resting that the goblins were sending out regular patrols – unusually organised for green skins.
Session 4
  • WuTang Clan brought Princess Natanya safely into town
  • got put up in schmoofty hotel, even though the concierge didn’t like “our type”
  • told Advisor that came to thanks/pay us for our exceptional work that we wanted to speak to the Duke
  • Advisor organised a meeting when we produced Augustus Stolaski’s armour and sword
  • Duke expressed thanks for our recovery of the sword and safe transport of Princess Natanya and asked for directions to the goblin lair send his soldiers to recover his son’s body
  • talked about the possibility of more work for the WuTang Clan and gave us some mad cash
  • DM actually let us spend mad cash. Wow.
  • Advisor came to see us again offering us work committing goblincide including an almost suspiciously good retainer – are they trying to get us out of the city before the wedding?
  • suspicion again piqued by interesting troop and messenger movements, but the WuTang Clan is nothing if not mercenary so we took the job
  • WuTang Clan embarked on the Great Wild Goblin Chase
  • no immediate sign of goblin issues, reinforced by farmer saying that they didn’t have a big problem in the area.
  • delving deeper into the woods, found goblins picking over a wagon but on seeing us they ran
  • wagon contained metal from mines and had been attacked by a bear (?)
  • followed the goblins and just managed to avoid ambush at their campsite
  • coped a hammering from sneaky hidey ranged goblins. Fuckers.
  • began the scalping game
Session 3
  • Found body of stolaski dudemiester in spider cave
  • Natanya was supposed to marry oldest stolaski son, Julius
  • jumanjoe professes his love for male panthers
  • found horses being held in another room in goblin cave, Ambushed guards and quick slaughter ensued. Only pissed off one horse by shooting it… Horse calms down after jumanjoe gives it “good touch”
  • apparently Agran didn’t have the trap covered…
  • back at the wagon, El Douchington has organised workers to clear the path and get the caravans moving
  • when talking to El Douchington about the attack he lied to us about why he took the mountain route… Sketchy dude
  • stop in town half day ride from Stolac. Pretending Natanya is a member of the WuTang Clan named ‘Nighthawk’
  • Agran finds out the youngest stolaski son, Augustus, has beenissing in the hills for a week. Guards have been out searching for him, but so far their efforts have been in vain
  • in pub El Douchington seemed distant and emo, and quickly removes a pouch from the table when Vespa arrives. El Douchington mentions, after a couple of tankards of beer, that the duke, Alexander Stolaski, is unlikely to forgive him for disobeying a direct order, but wont say wht that order was and wont tell us who infromed him taht the bridge would be out and hence we should travel throught the mountains
  • Vespa gets El Douchington loaded with booze so that Agran can lift his pouch, but found it only contained gems (pay off maybe?)
Round 2 - Fight!
  • found wagonmaster El Douchington alive but unconscious
  • after reviving him, we found out that princess natanya of the Kilkish was the mysterious passenger on the caravan captured by the goblins
  • after a long chase the WuTang Clan found the goblin cave
  • flawless victory! goblin guards and guard drake dispatched without anyone taking a hit…
  • genocide cave – wholesale slaughter of minions, especially by the Goliath with his spirit nuking.
  • in genocide cave, cleric trying and failing – twice – to punch a female goblin
  • jumanji suceeding where his brother failed (Australia says no Ziff)
  • Agran’s obsession with horse steak
  • managing to stop several goblin warriors trying to warn laska the witch
  • goblin captive informing us that the princess was taken to laska’s chamber for sacrifice
  • hearing chanting from the witch’s chamber, the WuTang Clan rushed into the room to find the goblins preparing princess natanya for sacrifice.
  • apparently today was “everyone try to kill a cleric” day, and the goblins very nearly succeeded (with the help of some ridiculous damage rolls)
  • after killing the witch, the party was moping up the remaining goblin warriors when a monstrous death jump spider entered the chamber ready to accept the princess as sacrifice
  • Agran managed to free the princess from her bonds while the rest of the party corralled the spider, before he slipped in a delivered the killing blow
New Beginning
Every Saga has a Beginning

The first day of Spring dawns bright and clear over the city Mostar, as every other day with the first light the guard changed on the keep and walls of the city and the gates were opened. In the yard of the Crown & Anchor, the best Guesthouse in the city, a small caravan prepares to be the first to make the journey west to Stolac at the end of a long, bitter winter. The regular group of guards employed by the master of the caravan are loading supplies and luggage, while leaning against the wall watching their fellows struggle stands a group of adventurers that have been employed especially for this journey, checking and preparing their equipment before they depart.

  • jumanjoe’s penchant for calling everyone cracker or honkey
  • wagonmaster (El Douchington) all secretive and worried
  • arent allowed near 1st caravan which contains mysterious passenger
  • have to go long way cause bridge is out on the main road
  • stop in a deserted town, looks as though they ran out of food and left for bigger settlement
  • attacked by wolves overnight
  • joe jumping out of the window and landing prone at the feet of a wolf (extra damage against prone enemies) then asserting “you cant stop me from doing stupid things, because no one can threaten to withhold healing cause im the leader muahahahahhah”
  • ambushed by goblins, minor cock up allows goblins to steal caravan 1, including mysterious passenger
  • have captured 1 goblin, now about to survey damage from ambush (looks as though all other guards are dead)

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